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Asian Women Executive Program

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I am excited to announce that the Asian Women Empowerment (AWE) Network and the Self Co. Program will be launching the ✳️"Asian Women Executive Program"✳️, a program specifically designed for Asian women leaders to step powerfully into their identities so they can make big, meaningful impacts.

👉 Sign up for the 2022 Asian Women Executive Program at! Register for the FREE Informational Webinar on Mar 10, 2022, 12 pm - 1 pm PT here:

⛔️ You're intelligent, ambitious, and have achieved a lot - but somehow you're still not seen as a "leader".

⛔️ You want to be kind and nice, and you struggle when you need to be more direct and assertive to influence others.

⛔️ You're generally confident, but sometimes you just don't trust your own voice.

⛔️ You don't want to say no. And you end up with way too much on your plate.

If you are an Asian woman professional, you have likely experienced some of the above. And you've probably just done what most of us do - just power through it, on your own, painfully. Sometimes this works, other times, it's a tough way to learn.

Traditional programs teach common leadership strategies and skills, but ignore the most important part of transformation: YOUR IDENTITY. In this innovative 5-week group program, you will learn the unique L.I.F.T. Framework tailored for Asian women professionals. You will keep your identity at the core, develop skills to strengthen your inner game, navigate complex business and relational dynamics, create your unique leadership presence, and influence with impact.

The program will be led by Marriot Winquist and Denise Ang who have extensive experiences in business and corporate careers and can closely relate to the challenges of Asian women professionals. Together, we will explore the role that culture and identity play in how we show up at work, develop ways to authentically show up and level up, and lift others around you along the way.

The 5-week program starts the week of Mar 28, 2022 and ends the week of Apr 25, 2022. Application window closes on Mar 18, 2022. Apply now:

We're also holding a FREE Informational Webinar on Mar 10, 2022, 12-1pm PT. Register here to find out more.


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