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Denise is an expert at uncovering the real issues that impact businesses and at guiding executives to develop results-oriented strategies. I originally thought I needed coaching to provide constructive feedback to new employees. Denise coached me to figure out how to tackle employee challenges, recruiting, and employee onboarding. She helped me uncover a high-level strategy that led to a positive impact on my business. Denise’s extensive experience in business strategy and partnerships coupled with her effective coaching skills have proven invaluable in providing business leaders like myself better navigate day-to-day obstacles as well as long term vision and roadmap. I strongly recommend Denise for her excellent executive coaching and business strategy consulting skills.

Hanna W., CEO of Fintech Company, USA

Denise takes a structured yet empathetic approach to coaching. She was extremely persistent in helping me uncover the root cause of many issues and to tackle the elephant in the room - always with encouragement and optimism. With her international background and diverse leadership experiences, Denise is very tuned in on complex global team dynamics and cross functional team management. She was instrumental in helping me develop clear actionable strategies on all levels of relationship management. Denise is generous with her insights and sharing her connections. She finds great joy in the art of teaching, guiding and helping minority groups. I highly recommend working with Denise.

Regan T., Sales Executive in Tech Company, USA

I made a career transition from a small company to a large tech company. Denise was able to quickly empathize with the unique challenges I faced as an Asian woman professional, and coached me in finding effective strategies to build trust and manage up effectively. I highly recommend Denise as an executive coach for Asian women professionals. With Denise’s wide-ranging experiences of working and advancing in large corporations, she is able to understand the unique challenges that Asian women professionals face in their careers and provide coaching on skills and strategies for career and leadership development.

S Lee, Marketing Professional in Tech Company, USA

Sessions with Denise gave me an opportunity to reassess what I have and helped me to gain back my confidence based on evidence collected from self-reflection. Moreover, Denise is one of the best thought partners you can have. Not only does she often directly have experience with what you are dealing with, but also she can point out pitfalls in your thought process to guide you to correct them. After the coaching sessions with her, now I better understand myself, incidents at my workplace, and how to plan things under the circumstances that I am in.

Yun, Senior Consultant at Top Firm

First off, I really loved and connected to Denise’s goal to democratize coaching. As a young, female, Asian American working professional, I’ve thought about coaching but my exploration ended at the expectation to be paying a lot. So prior, I relied on talking with peers, managers, and parents. But since completing my coaching sessions with Denise, it was clear to me the difference between coaching vs. mentoring vs. advice – I was missing the ability to discover and develop my own thinking. Coaching with Denise has helped me to strengthen my own inner thoughts, de-pack key challenges, and help navigate me to solutions with more confidence.


Specifically, Denise is such a great coach because of her warm, personable nature. She cares about my development and growth by taking the extra time to connect with me before and after our sessions. Denise allows me to feel I’m in a safe space, while providing a neutral stance as a coach. She calmly reflects back questions, so I can structure my thoughts and arrive to my personal conclusions. I like her coaching style of recapping and affirming to build my confidence in my own thoughts. I believe this to be particularly important for Asian women because many of us are socialized to feel the need to seek validation or confirmation from others.


Furthermore, Denise is timely and well-structured. For example, she takes notes during our call to capture key items and action to share afterwards. I am able to focus and go a layer deeper during our conversation. She uses positivity and encouragement to hold me accountable on the action items, which is most effective for my style of learning. Overall, Denise is not only a great coach, but also a supportive mentor and friend. I’m really grateful and glad to have my first coaching experience and continue to be working with her. I’ve also recommended her coaching sessions to my peers!

Lily, Business Professional in Healthcare Company, USA

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