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Coaching Programs

We have developed leadership, career and life coaching programs specially tailored to help you find your values, purpose and vision, manage your inner critic and imposter syndrome, develop your executive presence, influence and communication, build your authentic personal brand, break the bamboo ceiling and become an authentic leader. We welcome you to book an appointment for an initial consultation to enquire about the coaching programs and discuss your goals for coaching.

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Level 1

Foundation Program

Find Your values, purpose and career vision
*Signature Program*

Understand what matters to you and gain clarity on your values. Identify what motivates you and drives you to be more energized and fulfilled in your work. Leverage your strengths and define your edge. Find your life purpose and career vision. Develop your personal strategic plan to achieve your purpose-aligned vision.

Level 2

Self-Mastery Program

manage your inner critic and imposter syndrome

Master your inner game to achieve higher performance. Transform your negative thoughts and master control of your mind and emotions. Control your inner critic and manage your imposter syndrome. Optimize your self-care and prevent burnout.


Level 3

Image by Romane Gautun

Empowerment program

develop your executive presence, influence and communication

Build your confidence, develop your gravitas and grow your executive presence. Uncover your verbal and non-verbal communication styles. Learn active listening and assertive communication skills. Speak up and advocate for yourself. Deliver audience-focused messages and say more with less. Communicate to maximize influence and negotiate confidently to achieve your career outcomes.

Level 4

personal branding program

Build Your Authentic Personal Brand

Understand the current state of your personal brand. Figure out what makes you unique and different from others. Determine what you want to be known for and craft your authentic personal brand. Establish your personal brand with your target audience. Amplify your personal brand through social media and relevant networks.

Image by Patrik Michalicka

Level 5

leadership program

Break the Bamboo Ceiling and Become an Authentic Leader

Prepare for promotion to the next level of leadership. Navigate cultural stereotypes, bias and office politics. Build your network and gain sponsors. Increase your visibility and influence in your organization. Identify your authentic leadership style, develop your leadership vision, and become an authentic leader true to your culture and identity.

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