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Asian Women Executive Program Fall 2022

Excited to share that the enrollment for the Q4 2022 Asian Women Executive Program is now open!

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Does this sound familiar to you?

⛔️ Unsure Voice: “I’m generally confident, but in certain meetings I just can’t seem to trust my opinions…let alone speak up and voice them.”

⛔️ Impostor Syndrome: “I feel like an impostor. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing except me. I don’t belong here.”

⛔️ Influence Dilemma: “How do I get buy-in and influence my peers and others without being too direct or not assertive enough?”

⛔️ Taking on Too Much: “It’s hard for me to say no. But then I end up with too much on my plate. I’m feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.”

If you are an Asian woman professional, you’ve likely experienced some of the above. And you've probably just done what most of us do - just power through it, on your own, painfully. Sometimes this works, other times, it's a tough way to learn.

Our mission is to elevate and advance Asian women leadership - authentically, unapologetically.

Traditional programs teach common leadership strategies and skills, but ignore the most important part of transformation: YOUR IDENTITY. Developed by Marriot Winquist and Denise Ang, in collaboration with the Asian Women Empowerment (AWE) Network, this program is powerfully packed with curated content and thought-provoking exercises and discussions. It’s specifically designed by Asian women leaders for Asian women leaders to step powerfully into their identities so they can make big, meaningful impacts.

In this innovative 4-week group program, you will connect with a community of like-minded, ambitious Asian women professionals and learn the unique L.I.F.T. Framework tailored for Asian women professionals. Keeping your identity at the core, you will:

✅ Develop skills to strengthen your inner game

✅ Navigate complex business and relational dynamics

✅ Create your unique leadership presence

✅ Influence with impact

100% of our past participants will recommend this program to others. We can’t wait to have you join us this fall! Enrollment ends Sep 16, 2022. Limited seats available.


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