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Asian Women Professionals: Managing Your Career In Hybrid Work

The Asian Women Empowerment (AWE) Network presents the AWE Webinar on Wednesday, Nov 3, 2021, 12 pm - 1 pm PT, on the topic of 'Asian Women Professionals: Managing Your Career in Hybrid Work'. Registration for the free webinar is at Eventbrite here.

The COVID-19 crisis forced many companies and employees to shift to remote work. As the pandemic approaches the end of the second year, many companies are planning for their employees’ return to office with hybrid in-person and remote work schedules, or what is more widely known as “hybrid work”.

The transition into hybrid work creates new challenges for employees and managers, as they navigate the complexities that this mix of working modes bring. Many questions remain unanswered: How do we manage our individual preferences and determine what to do in-person or remote? How do we deal with proximity bias and the impact on career advancement? How do we ensure equity and inclusion and collaborate effectively in hybrid work?

What additional challenges are there for Asian women professionals and how can they thrive professionally in hybrid work? As a network of Asian women professionals, the AWE Network can fully relate to the struggles and issues faced by Asian women professionals. This webinar will discuss the unique challenges faced by Asian women professionals and how they can set themselves up for success, advocate for their needs, and take control of their careers in the new normal of hybrid work.

The distinguished Asian Women leaders on the panel are:

Panel Speakers:

Elfreda Lau, Director, Business & Operations, Google

Sohana Punithakumar, Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft

Marriot Winquist, CEO, BrightTree Consulting LLC // Executive Coach

Speaker & Host:

Denise Ang, Founder, AWE Network // Strategic Partnerships, Google

This event is organized for AWE Network members. If you are not a member, you are welcome to register for the free General Admission ticket and join us for the webinar. The Asian Women Empowerment (AWE) Network’s mission is to support the professional growth and development of Asian women professionals. Please check our AWE Network Website:, AWE Network LinkedIn Group, AWE Network Facebook Page or Instagram: @aweasianwomen for more info on free membership if you are interested.

Please register early for the event here. Once your registration is accepted, the webinar link will be sent to you. If you have any questions, please email


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